“I feel pretty” good about these Instagram insights into the beauty industry

"I feel pretty" good about these Instagram insights into the beauty industry
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What did Instagram tell us about current trends with Beauty customers?

Vamp recently attended an Instagram conference in the US which provided many great insights into the current market across many different verticals. We have seen the number of beauty brands investing in Influencer Marketing this year skyrocket and with some fantastic results. The beauty brands we work with, including Estée Lauder, La Mer, Clinique, MAC and Bobbi Brown, have embraced the rise of Instagram by engaging work with Influencers on an on-going basis. The findings that Instagram shared show that beauty customers are looking for education and inspiration and video is a powerful way to bring storytelling to life for your beauty brand.

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Beauty customers told Instagram:

“Instagram gives me just-in-time/on-the-go inspiration, when I’m on the subway headed to do a makeup job. […] I don’t need to go on the internet, it’s just one button inspiration, right there.”

“I still connect with all my brands the same way but Instagram makes it easier to do with hashtagging and tagging people so things are easier to find.”

“Magazines are a high-end loo, the designers. Instagram is people’s take on it.”

“I feel open and free. It seems natural and non-judgemental. The beauty side of Instagram is quite natural and easy to relate to. It’s a no filter acceptable kind of environment.”

They are an active, passionate community

Over 13M in the US who have beauty and cosmetics as their top passion on Instagram

Over 160M posts for #beauty worldwide

Over 2M unique users search weekly for beauty related hashtags on Instagram globally

1.2x more likely: Instagram only users more likely to be passionate about beauty

9 out of the 10 accounts that beauty Instagrammers follow are beauty brands.

US Beauty users are more likely to choose Instagram over magazines for:



Stay on top of recent trends


Seeking inspiration


Looking for motivation


Looking for a new brand


Looking for product reviews


Looking for a new product

Some of the highest performing hashtags:


over 30M posts

over 9M posts


over 14M posts

over 2M posts

over 180K posts


over 100K posts

Times that US Food and Beverage Instagrammers turn to Instagram throughout the day:

  1. After waking up
  2. While watching TV
  3. When I see something cool to share with others
  4. While shopping in a store/online store
  5. While engaging in a hobby

Instagram drives visible action and consideration in the purchase journey

32% in the US agree that Instagram makes them ‘more likely/tempted to purchase products related to my interests’

29% agree that ‘I pay more attention to brands or products that use Instagram videos to promote themselves’

63% choose Instagram over magazine when they want to ‘look for information on an interest

38% agree that with Instagram, ‘I feel more inspired to try new things related to my interests’

26% agree that with Instagram, ‘I trust brands/products related to my interests more’

28% agree that they have ‘more confidence that I am purchasing the right product

46% agree that they ‘feel more up-to-date‘ and ‘in-the-know’

27% agree that with Instagram, ‘I find myself purchasing products more often than before’

Marketer takeaways to help grow your business:

  1. Education can lead to action. ‘Ensure you are running Instagram beauty campaigns that educate and inspire in an authentic way. Think of creative ways to tap into customers that are likely to make an impulsive buy.’

2. Video matters

‘Develop video ads that bring storytelling to life for your beauty brand. Video carousel and ads in stories are two formats that can help reach your customers.’

3. Stay in tune and ahead of trends on Instagram. 

‘Research and look at user content from unique beauty hashtags to help understand your consumers’ behaviour on Instagram. Use these trends to play into your messaging, copy, and creative where relevant to your business.’

All findings from recent Instagram conference.