Case in Point: Why Vamp calls for Pro-Influencer approach

Vamp is proudly pro-influencer and here's why
Vamp x Pro-Influencer

Being Pro-Influencer is not just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. Here’s why

Vamp are big supporters of creativity in this industry. We are hugely proud of our Pro-Influencer approach to campaigns and firm believers that this gives the best results in the long and short term. Ask anyone on the Vamp team about it. We could talk about that subject for hours! It’s something we are all very passionate about.

Earlier this year we gave our Vamp Collective the opportunity to win the photoshoot of their dreams. The Vamp Creative Bucket List competition required them to post a piece of content which creatively communicated what their dream photoshoot location/activity was.

For this competition, we wanted to give our Influencers the full creative reigns to think outside the box. We knew, from experience with many of the brands we had worked with, that the best content comes out of campaigns where brands relinquish creative control. We wanted to challenge them both from a content and an engagement level.

Challenge 1 was creating a piece of content which creatively communicated their dream photoshoot location/activity.

Challenge 2 was in using the strength of their Instagram community. The 5 finalists were posted on @vampbrands and given a 48 hour period in which to direct their community over to like their entry. The entry with the highest engagement won the competition.

We were blown away by the amount of love and support shown for the finalists from our Vamp Collective community and beyond. What we didn’t expect was how much this would continue to reverberate positively for those who participated.

Our competition winner, Narelle from @alittleatlarge, said that the Vamp competition was a “fantastic catalyst” for boosting her profile as an Influencer.

What we learnt from this competition reinforced our belief that being Pro-Influencer was not just the right thing to do, but also an incredibly smart thing to do.

Calling all brands! Work on campaigns that help rather than hinder Influencers to flourish in what they do. Give up the creative reigns! Take a Pro-Influencer approach. It’s a smart investment in the industry as it helps make them better Content Creators. It builds a stronger community which your brand is authentically at the forefront of.

We reached out to Narelle to hear more about her first hand experience of this.

A few unexpected but wonderful results from the competition

“The VAMP creative bucket list competition was a fantastic catalyst for us and ignited a conversation that quickly went viral and well and truly beyond my usual follower reach.”

We’ve noticed that your following has grown significantly and the frequency of work with clients has increased since you won the Vamp Creative Bucket list competition. While we know we’re just one piece of the pie, we’re interested to know how the support we have provided has helped you to develop so rapidly. 

The Vamp Creative Bucket list Competition was a fantastic catalyst for us and ignited a conversation that quickly went viral and well and truly beyond my usual follower reach. I belonged to a fairly strong community of travelling families already and when they saw I had been shortlisted in the top three, and I was asking for their support to vote, it somehow went viral.

From all corners of the globe likes were flying in from what started as a foundation network of about 50 travel mums that I actively engage with to a swell of all sorts of mums everywhere. Some of my foundation followers do have large accounts and very engaged audiences and through this a lot of them converted into followers for us too. I guess also Tiah’s dream to swim with turtles captured the inner child in everyone and they were inspired to be a part of making that dream come true.

How did the competition help to boost your profile as an Influencer? 

It was incredible. The spotlight that was on us at that time and throughout our trip really seemed to super charge our follower base and influence. I have been approached by a number of brands to consider sponsored posts (this had not happened before) and we were sent gifts from all over the world for Tiah to wear/try without a commitment to post. It did not seem real at first.

There’s nothing like a genuine recommendation from an Influencer you respect and admire. The Bucket list competition took Narelle and her daughter Tiah to Lady Elliot Island to swim with turtles. Since her trip, several of her followers have actively booked holidays to this same location.


My followers are mostly mums (just like me) who want to show their kids as much of the world as possible or be introduced to brands and products that they and their children might also enjoy. In saying this, it is important to me that the experience I have is something that anyone else could have too. I think authenticity is the best referral in travel, so I rely upon whom I follow when I am in the market to buy and I guess, they rely on me too.

“I love working with VAMP. I find the team professional, approachable and the campaigns are always exciting to work on as the brand standard is very high.”

How many more things have you ticked off your creative bucket list since the Vamp Creative Bucket list competition? 

Quite a few – I have had opportunities I would not have thought possible – including winning the Creative Bucket List Competition in the first place! Travel – in all capacities for my family and myself is a dream come true and we have been regularly travelling since Lady Elliot Island. To share my stories and have people respond to them is incredibly exciting – and I do it because I love it anyway, but to turn it into a full time career as a respected Content Creator would be the ultimate.

“I loved working on the Vamp x Airbnb Families campaign – that is a dream come true for a family traveller like me as they are usually my preferred choice for travel already and Tip Top was really fun too. We love getting creative with anything, but being able to eat it afterwards, even better!”

A handful of photos from the Vamp x Airbnb Families campaign