One simple and effective way to grow your followers

Vamp Collective x DEX

Instagram is all about community, we all know that caring is sharing. For some, sharing the love is a regular part of your feed giving shout outs to accounts you love or even simply re-gramming and crediting a beautiful image on your feed. Another simple way to share the love is to partner together with like-minded influencers within the Instagram community to grow your followers through a competition or shout out.

An organised loop shout out is a simple and effective way to grow your followers, simply follow the below steps. Think strategically about who you would like to connect with for the giveaway. For example, perhaps you want to keep your followers Australian based so that your engagement stays strong given you mainly post within times that an international audience is sleeping. Or perhaps your objective is the opposite and you want to connect with a new international audience allowing you to work with a broader range of brands if you love international products but don’t have an international audience.


A. Find similar accounts that have an audience that would cross over with your own.

B. Decide how many people you would like to include in the loop, best practice is to pick at maximum five (including yourself) so that the image can be as simple as a direct re-gram from one person or an image split into four.

C. Co-ordinate a time and theme that is authentic to the group, for example a #saturdayshoutout won’t be successful if half of the group has a low engagement on a Saturday and a #momcrushmonday isn’t relevant if all participating aren’t mothers so find your common thread and maintain consistency across your loop shout outs.

D. Agree on the same time to post, that way when your followers click through to one of the accounts receiving the shout out they will see the next loop image encouraging them to continue clicking on the other accounts hence creating a loop until they have viewed each account.





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