[Timeline] A brief history of influence

From Royals to social media stars, we track the origins of influence
A brief history of influence

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The word ‘influencer’ was officially added to the English dictionary this week.


Yet influencer marketing is far from a new concept. We’ve always learned from the experiences of our friends and family or looked to aspirational figures for inspiration on what to buy.

One of the first ‘influencer’ collaborations dates back to 1760, when a potter by the name Wedgwood made a tea set for the Queen of England. Since the monarchy were the influencers of their time, his forward-thinking decision to market his brand as Royal-approved afforded it the luxury status it still enjoys today.

The big change in recent years has of course been social media, giving us a megaphone to share our recommendations and receive others from all over the world. Anyone has the power to cultivate a following and we’re able to receive their recommendations instantly. This has transported the industry into the fast-growing billion-dollar industry it is today.