5 reasons to upgrade to a business account today

An Instagram business account brings so many benefits and opportunities
5 reasons to upgrade

You’ve invested in the best kit, perfected your flatlay and learned how to juggle brand collaborations with professional charm. In influencer terms, you’re killing the game. Right?

Well unless you’re also adding an Instagram business account to the mix, you’re seriously holding yourself back. With brands now demanding more in-depth access to an influencer’s audience, business accounts have become a must-have for any content creator serious about winning collaborations. They’re also essential if you want to continue receiving briefs from Vamp.

If you’re still putting off the upgrade then not only are you missing out on work, you’re failing to use the app to it’s full potential. Here’s what you can expect to benefit from when you go business.

#1 Follower insight

A business account will allow you to get to know your followers better. Where they live, how old they are, their gender split, all shown in a series of handy graphs. It’s this sort of information brands will be particularly interested in and will help you prove you have a close connection to exactly the type of demographic they are hoping to target.

#2 Follower activity

As well as showing who your followers are, business accounts allow you to see what they are doing. This includes information on the times of day and days of the week your profile is attracting the most amount of traffic, which is powerful intel when planning the schedule of your content. Coordinating your posts with times of peak traffic is key to achieving evergreen engagement.

#3 Content analysis

See all of your top-performing posts and stories side-by-side with the content insights tab. This will show you at a glance the type of content your followers are responding to best. Say a particular post was a runaway success. Like a highly efficient assistant, your Instagram business account will tell you exactly how much better it has performed than your usual content. It will give you the option to promote it. It will even show you where the love came from. Did your followers search for your profile or did they see you in their home feed? What percentage of your likes came from followers and non-followers? All is revealed. 

Reach and engagement are very different measures and you’re able to filter your top performing posts for both metrics. This can be helpful in revealing trends, such as certain hashtags or location tags that help send your reach through the roof.

#4 Swipe up for Stories

If you have a business account and 10,000 followers then you are given access to the all important ‘swipe up’ function for Instagram Stories. This will allow you to link to websites outside of Instagram without the dreaded ‘link in bio!’ cue. A seamless way to direct your followers to your blog, a fundraising page or affiliate links provided by a brand collaboration.

One of the biggest challenges in influencer marketing has been proving their effectiveness. ‘Swipe up’ provides clear data on lead generation. It’s a huge step forward in proving how much value influencers can add to a campaign and something we expect brands will want to explore more in 2019.

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#5 Category tags

When you upgrade to a business account, you’ll be asked to add category tags to explain what your profile is about. These are broken up into broader categories (Brands & Products, Websites & Blogs, etc.), and refined in more specific subcategories (Health and Beauty, Personal Blog, etc.).

Your choices will appear in your profile bio and give new followers immediate indication of the content you post. A handy opportunity to provide more detail since characters are limited for bios descriptions. It will also help you be more discoverable. The tags enable your profile to be found by users on Instagram search and explore.

Knowledge is power and used correctly, this data could be the key to taking your account to the next level. What’s more you’ll be able to actually see the details of your performance improving as a result. Upgrading takes seconds and is completely free. Do it now to avoid ruling yourself out of future Vamp campaigns.

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