[Infographic] Are people shopping in-store or online this Christmas?

Are people shopping in-store or online this Christmas?
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Mobile-first shopping is on the rise but in-store shopping still holds a special Christmas place in people’s hearts.

Gridlocked traffic jams in and out of packed shopping centres, queues for the till that trail halfway through the shop, screaming children, crowed malls. There are many reasons why someone might choose to skip the shops.

That online shopping technology is becoming easier and more personalised makes you wonder whether soon doing Christmas shopping online will be a no brainer.

Recent stats released by Facebook 2018 Holiday Study reveal that 15% of people believe that in-store shopping has become harder. The study also showed that 37% believe Christmas shopping on their mobiles has become easier.

2018 saw the global rise of the mobile-first shopper, with a global year-on-year growth rate of 20% of people shopping on their phones. Millennials are the key driving force here, with a 29% increase in Australian millennial mobile-first shoppers since last year.

You might want your social channels to write your Christmas wish list to Santa this year.

The technology is getting smarter at predicting not only what you might like for Christmas, but what your friends and family might like too.

We’ve all got that person who’s impossible to buy for in our lives. Imagine the relief when the perfect gift idea is presented to you on your social feeds. Within a couple of clicks it can be paid for and organised to be delivered to your doorstep. Too easy.

Despite feeling time poor, we’re still rich in Christmas spirit.

The stats showed that we spent an average of $785 during the Christmas season. Mobile-first shoppers are spending even more than their desktop and in-store counterparts, at $878. The increasing ease of click-to-buy, facilitated even further this year by the introduction of Instagram shopping, helps reduce the number of steps to purchase.

Despite the rise in mobile-first shopping, however, 3 in 4 Australians say that in-store is still the best place to shop late in the season. Perhaps we simply cannot resist the allure of that Christmassy feeling you get looking at Christmas shop display windows and listening to Mariah Carey on repeat. Many shoppers might choose to order online and pick-up in store so they get the best of both worlds.

1 in 5 Australians start Christmas shopping as early as October.

Our recent article on why now’s the time to action your Christmas influencer marketing strategy highlighted the fact that Aussies start their Christmas shopping earlier than any other country. 1 in 5 start shopping as early as October. Slow delivery times are often the key motivating force here. In such a large, isolated country, you can’t leave your shopping to last minute. 

3 reasons why it’s time to action your Christmas influencer marketing strategy now >

Best approach this year is to amp up the spending on targeted paid media, with a particular focus on social, and start implementing your marketing strategy early to give people time to go in-store too.

Where do influencers fit into the Christmas picture?

For most marketers, the question of working with influencers is no longer should we, it’s how best can we? That answer will differ for different brands and campaign objectives, however. Here are three ways you might not have considered leveraging influencers this Christmas.

  1. Lead generation.

    The ability to track lead generation is always a highly sought after proof of ROI for marketers but, notably, a challenge for many from an influencer marketing campaign. While influencer marketing is generally known as a word of mouth channel, rather than a direct sales channel, it’s powerful for brands to know how much of their investment can lead to sales.

    In our recent lead generation campaign with Bobbi Brown, Vamp’s sampling platform saw influencers drive their followers to counter to pick up a complimentary sample. From the followers that visited the store to pick up the sample, 20% converted to purchase and 73% were new to the brand.

  2. Influencer content in paid media.

    Influencer produced content has repeatedly proven to out-perform brand and industry averages when used in paid media. Not just by a tiny percentage, either. By a mile. Discover this for yourself in this Gap case study or this UV-iQ case study. You can do this in one of two ways.

    a) Either leverage influencers for their audience in an influencer marketing campaign and then select the highest performing shots to re-purpose in a highly targeted paid media campaign.

    b) Or work outside of social entirely. Commission content from influencers which they create with more specific creative direction from you. You can then amplify this content wherever you like.

  3. Instagram shopping 

    Like a Christmas miracle, Instagram shopping is here! With the shopping tab in the Explore and shoppable tags on brand’s posts, it’s now a whole lot easier for people to shop on Instagram. Influencers are integral to raising the exposure of these shoppable posts with their reach and engagement. Brands can also re-gram influencer content on their Instagram feed and use the shoppable tag feature to help convert buyers to purchase.

    You can read more in-depth about the potential of Instagram shopping for Christmas in this article.

Influencers are heavily in demand for the Christmas period and are already starting to get booked up now. If you’re ready to get started now and would like to speak to one of our influencer marketing specialists, we’re here to help and share our expertise.

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