Why you need to collaborate with creatives to grow your followers

Why you need to collaborate with creatives to grow your followers
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Collaborate to succeed

Fashion and Lifestyle influencer @stylebytrade shares their thoughts about why you need to collaborate to succeed as an influencer. 

Despite how it appears, working on an Instagram profile can at times be quite isolating. Behind every post is hours, days or sometimes weeks of preparation behind the scenes. Connecting and collaborating with fellow creatives and influencers can be the solution to this problem in more ways then one.

Just like making friends with your office colleagues, connecting with your fellow influencers and creatives can create a posse of digital friendships where you can bounce ideas from one another, find inspiration and share your tips and tricks.

Instagram is an incredible platform for brining us together and making new connections and collaborate. While reaching out to fellow influencers and creatives may seem extremely intimidating, it can be the easiest part! It’s as easy as sending a DM or an email to say how much you love their work and that you’d like to discuss working together on a project and go from there.

Great minds

They say two heads are better then one and content creation is no exception. Working with fellow creatives and utilising each other’s skillset results to more then just a beautiful post. Connecting with a photographer creates stronger imagery, connecting with a stylist creates stronger outfits and so on. All in the effort to generate beautiful content that your audience will love and engage with. Dividing and conquering also assists in the production department allowing you to leverage your time to do what you do best (or at least having a little more spare time up your sleeve).

The tagging etiquette

When it comes to posting your collaborative content, the etiquette is to tag one another in the post. This gives you far greater exposure to a new audience then working on that same post solo. There’s nothing more exciting then watching the batch of new followers join your audience after a fellow influencer tags you in their post. By working together and engaging with each others content, you can use their audience to help build yours!

Sharing is caring

We’ve always found it interesting how some influencers can be very hesitant in sharing tips and tricks. We recently received a hot tip from a fellow influencer on using an app to create interesting insta stories. Since using this app, we’ve received a huge increase profile views. Another fellow influencer recently introduced us to a potential client who immediately had a project for us to work on. These two simple gestures resulted in higher engagement and new opportunities, and you know what – we’d be even more inclined to return the favour anytime!

Be social on social media

There’s a lot to learn from one another and it can often be very surprising to see where engaging with your community can take you. After all, that’s what social media is all about – connecting and sharing.


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