Vamp Influencer of the Month: @whitneylouise

Vamp Influencer of the Month: @whitneylouise


Celebrating Vamp Influencers



True creativity can be hard to come by. Luckily we know where to look! We love the surprise and delight effect of any Vamp campaign. Once we’ve sent the brief, let the participating Influencers know that they’re in and carefully packaged up & sent the product, we’re on the edge of our seats with excitement to see what our Creators will come up with next! Handing them the creative reigns is the best thing that a brand or an agency can ever do.

It’s like that activity that you might have done once or twice when everyone in a room is asked to imagine a chair, then, when questioned what kind of chair they imagined you discover that no one else’s looks the same as yours. Where some envisage a straw backed chair, or a cosy chintz, others might have a desk chair on wheels or a Parisian lounger bench. One guarantee. It’ll never be the same chair. If the room was asked to imagine a specific pine wooden chair in mid-century style with a red cushion on it, you’d still get some variety but much less than if you just said the word chair and left it at that. The same thinking applies to Influencer Marketing. True creativity shines through when Influencers are trusted to create from their own individual vision of the brief, not dictated to.

The winner of the Vamp Influencer of the Month award for September is Whitney Louise.

Working with Whitney on so many campaigns since Vamp first started has been a breeze. She’s got an impressive Vamp portfolio of content now with imagery and video for great brands like West Elm, Estée Lauder and Pampas Pastry.

Whitney’s imagery is B-E-A-Utiful. We can’t get enough! Her crisp white flatlays with pops of colour and detailing are amazing. She’s so professional to work with, has built an impressive following engaged with her content and never fails to deliver jaw-dropping content for campaigns.

Congratulations to Whitney for winning the award! There’s a gift coming in the post to her from the Vamp team. We look forward to working with her on future campaigns.

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