The Evolution of Influencer Marketing: where will it go next? (Infographic)

The Evolution of Influencer Marketing: where will it go next? (Infographic)

From Josiah Wedgwood bestowing his royal endorsements for his pottery in the 1760s, to Tony the Tiger of Frosted Flakes, to Audrey Hepburn, to Selena Gomez. Brands have been seeing the benefits of aligning themselves with influential people and utilising the influence of a likeable persona to advocate for them and encourage people to buy their product.

Alongside the celebrity, brands have also been enjoying the fruits of organic word of mouth recommendation since Caveman Jo recommended to Caveman Dave that the Cave near the River was a better stay than the Cave near the Sea.

Alongside celebrity endorsement and organic word of mouth recommendation, brands were also investing heavily in creative agencies to produce advertising content for commercials, print and OOH.

Now Influencers bridge the gap between the influence of celebrity, the effectiveness of organic word of mouth recommendation and the creativity of advertising agencies.

They are reinventing the advertising paradigm and within their influential word of mouth channel, tangible results can be tracked like never before by means of reach, engagements and CPCs. Their ability to make jaw-dropping content and their intimate understanding of their niche audience came at just the right time when people were starting to tune out of traditional advertising. It’s a louder, faster-paced world but brands are flourishing because the access they have to customers via Influencers is unprecedented.

Just as Caveman Jo invented the wheel which might align with the standard A to B advertising approach we’ve seen up to this point that only appeals to a narrow group of people, humans evolve and invent new ways of survival. The Influencer, whose multi-functional ability represents more of a sphere, freely travelling in any direction it chooses, is the next revolution. We’ve really only scratched the surface of its full potential.

The below infographic summarises the advertising journey in an ingenious way.
*Take note that the FTC rules passage applies to the US only. There are different regulations for different regions. 

Created by NoGRE and NowSourcing. Originally featured on Mashable