Influencer insights by Ange: golden rules to high Instagram engagement

Influencer insights by Ange: golden rules to high Instagram engagement
Instagram engagement

Vamp interviewed Ange, Vic and State (the sisters behind @thegirlswhoatetheworld) a year ago here and they provided us with insights into taking a successful foodie photograph, challenging foods to photograph and what feelings they hope to evoke in their followers. A year on and Ange has had a total career change from being on track to become a doctor to now being a successful UX Designer and incredible Content Creator to boot.

Ange represented the trio at our very first Vamp Creative Studio event the other night with well-researched and tried and tested methods on how to work with the new Instagram algorithm and the secrets to getting an authentic high engagement rate. Speaking at the Cooking School of Williams Sonoma Bondi Junction, alongside @arvinisstarvin, Ange shared her valuable insights. Here are a few nuggets of her wisdom.

How did you become a Content Creator?

I’ve had an interest in photography since I was in year 5, but picked up a DSLR in Uni and loved creating moments.

Why did you decide to go into UX design?

UX Design is a great field to go into at the moment – it has a strong focus on creating products that people love to use, and I’ve not been more passionate about anything else.

A fun fact?

I can lick my elbow.

Rare image of the Loch Ness Monster in Sydney captured by @thegirlswhoatetheworld

What are your 5 golden rules for building a community on IG?

1. Be genuine.

2. Meet new people with an open mind – everyone is vastly different and have their own quirks.

3. Be patient.

4. Find people you really click with.

5. Surround yourself with people who inspire you.

What’s in your toolbox as a Content Creator?

Canon 5D mkiii

How can influencers and brands flourish within the Instagram algorithm?

Be aware of factors that might affect your engagement, but don’t let that stop you from posting what you want to post.  If you like a photo that you know won’t do well, post it anyway because it’s true to what you want to create.

How frequently do you try new techniques to best optimise your posts?

A couple times a month – it depends how often I have spare time in my schedule. Tested engagement rates with a focus on initial popularity (yet to test other factors).

Talk to us about the shadowbanning and your research around this.

Shadow banning is a method that Instagram has used to stop users from abusing certain hashtags – whether this is of inappropriate or repetitive use.  I’ve got a doc that compiles over 10,000 hashtags as well as how to check which hashtags are banned. You can view this here.

Vamp Creative Studio is exclusively dedicated to Influencers and Creators in the Vamp Collective. We, along with some of the amazing brands we work with, will host a series of events designed to inspire and spark creativity. Pick up new skills, learn the latest industry tips & tricks and mingle with the best Creators in town.


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