Vamp Content Creators of the month: @lillehoang & @xoxotsumi

Vamp Content Creators of the month: @lillehoang & @xoxotsumi
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Celebrating VAMP Content Creators


Both @lillehoang and @xoxotsumi are stand-alone amazing content creators. As a pair of like-minded talented sisters they often collaborate on projects and on both of their Instagram feeds you’ll see snippets of the life they share.

We have lately had the pleasure of working with them on quite a few fashion and beauty campaigns and they have really shone, both as individuals and as apples who haven’t fallen far from the tree! We couldn’t possibly choose between the two of them so this month they share the prize.

They are a pair of stars to work with on any campaign and always go above and beyond. They are fantastic photographers and as sisters who sometimes collaborate on projects together and work as a team, they exemplify the positive impact that being part of such a supportive community can have in this industry.

In Alexandra (@lillehoang’s words), “We are so fortunate to have each other an it is always a positive reassurance to have someone by your side along of the ride.” – see the full blog post on Candid That blog.

They are incredible photographers, have an impressive following of engaged fans and are also extremely professional to work with.

We’ve been working with Alexandra, @lillehoang, on many campaigns including Schwarzkopf, Bobbi Brown and Country Road. You can view her amazing work for Schwarzkopf here. With Tsutsumi we have been blown away by the content she is creating for campaigns including Pottery Barn, Estée Lauder and Nivea.

It’s truly amazing to be working with such high quality creatives like @lillehoang and @xoxotsumi. Seeing their creative vision come to life as they put their own personal, unique touch on a brief is an absolute delight. We want to acknowledge them as the creative professionals that they are.

Congratulations to @lillehoang and @xoxotsumi for winning the award! There’s a gift coming in the post to both of them from the VAMP team. We look forward to working with these talented sisters on future campaigns.

Much VAMP love,

The Vamp Collective Team xx


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