Snapchat Launches New Features for Influencers

Snapchat Launches New Features for Influencers
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New Snapchat Paperclip feature could be a game changer for Influencers and brands reluctant to choose this social platform to reach customers

In another exemplar of the trend we are seeing lately of different companies investing time and money in legitimising Influencer Marketing, Snapchat announced last week that it was launching a series of updates for Influencers which its competitor Instagram does not have yet.

To name a few of the recent announcements from brands aiming to cultivate Influencers, Instagram announced that it was testing a new “paid promotions” feature which would allow users to easily identify sponsored posts in a clear but unobtrusive way. Facebook also announced that it was working on a new feature which would make it easier for Content Creators to produce videos. Early this year Amazon announced that it was releasing a new Influencer Marketing platform to allow some Influencers to sell products they feature, earning more revenue for brands and Influencers. VAMP’s App platform recently released a new chat feature to facilitate easier communication between our Influencers and our Campaign Management team to make the whole process of an Influencer campaign smoother and easier for brands and Influencers.

5 Step Guide: How to add a link to Snapchat snaps and stories

  1. Snap

  2. Edit snap & tap the paperclip icon

  3. Paste your URL link

  4. Send snap and/or add to story

  5. Et voila! Your Snapchat fans can click on the snap to go straight to an external website

The most remarkable of the new video updates released by Snapchat is without a doubt the new Paperclip feature. Its ability to allow users to link to external websites on their videos is a clever move. Currently this is something which Instagram doesn’t allow most users to do in a post. Only certain brands and verified accounts (like celebrities) are currently able to add shoppable links in their Instagram Stories, however we anticipate that this could change at some stage and be opened up to more general users. At the moment general users can only include links in their profile bios and direct their followers to the link in their bio.

Where brands and Influencers have favoured Instagram due to the channel opening up the analytics and demographics information to its users, there is no denying that this new Snapchat feature has offered something new up to the table. We may see more brands and Influencers drawn to Snapchat since the release of the new features because of the options it opens up. Instead of being a walled garden in which users stay within the Snapchat app, now they can be directed to shopping links and the source of revenue tracked from Snapchat in a more direct way than Instagram currently offers. Pair that with a Snapchat star who has an engaged audience and you could see some powerful results.

‘It’s great for brands to have choice and depth of platforms when it comes to Influencer marketing,’ said Aaron Brooks, Co-Founder of Vamp. ‘It ensures varying content from the different platforms like Snapchat with shortform video and Instagram with amazing images. This new Snapchat update opens up new options for brands and Influencers.’

Other features which it announced last Wednesday included a voice modification tool which allows users to alter their voice in their videos and also add custom backdrops. Any tool which makes video content more engaging has got to be a win for Content Creators and brands who they work with.

We recently worked on campaigns with a Snapchat element – Tourism Tasmania engaged a couple of VAMP Influencers at the Dark Mofo Festival to create content for Snapchat and Instagram. This content was then repurposed into Instagram and Snapchat ads which Tourism Tasmania used to reach a wider audience. You can read the case study here.

Although Instagram Stories has largely overtaken Snapchat Stories due to the fact that the analytics are more readily available, there is still an actively engaged audience on Snapchat with different features on offer so it’s always worth considering how your brand can branch out into this channel.

Any news of updates and improvements to technology to make Influencer marketing more effective is welcome news to brands who are increasingly investing in this rapidly developing channel and making it part of their on-going marketing strategies. We look forward to seeing who comes up with the next release which helps to support Content Creators and Influencers in the space.

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