Create Amazing Videos: How to Guide with @deenamusic

Create Amazing Videos: How to Guide with @deenamusic

Musician and Content Creator @deenamusic recently worked with us on an ASOS Jeans campaign, creating a stunning video alongside her photos for this campaign. Keeping her audience in mind, she came up with a video which creatively told a story about her adventures in Japan. This is a perfect example of product placement in video as the jeans themselves were the hero of the video but were not the only focus. Deena’s fun personality, personal style and life as a musician is what her audience engage with. The theme of “venturous by nature” is beautifully captured in her Japan montage style video.

Watch and learn. Find out her top tips in creating the video:

@deenamusic’s ASOS video content

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I’m actually not that much of a video person but being a musician, it becomes something you have to embrace – through live videos, music videos, promo videos, teaser videos etc. So I always treat it the same way as I do my photos. What do my audience want to see? What reflects my branding/personality?

With this brief, I didn’t want to just do the jeans, jeans, jeans thing as that would never work with my audience. I wanted to show them how my Japan tour was doing and inject a bit of that tour diary vibe and Japanese pop culture into it to keep them intrigued. Well, hopefully.

What camera did you use? 

For this I just used my ye ol’ DSLR – Canon 600D

What lighting did you use?

All natural lighting or whatever was available. A lot of the gig footage didn’t work as my camera just isn’t built for filming. I worked with what I got, I guess!

What was your inspiration for the video?

I knew that people wanted to see videos from my tour and enjoy seeing what I’m experiencing so I just tried to put the product and the purpose together.

Who takes your video content? 

It was either my guitarist or myself. Home job haha.

Where did you source your music from?

I didn’t want to steal music because of licensing so I just used a snippet from my own old catalogue.

Did you use a tripod? 

We decided to do all hand held shots.

What editing software do you use? 

iMovie or Premiere.. I always keep things simple when it isn’t my forte so I just do cut shots to the beat. I think simple can work well especially when you’re out of your expertise.

What decisions came into play when arranging/trimming your clips? 

I tried to work the clips around the music, especially in cuts. I also wanted to spread out the interesting shots across the clip to not bore anyone. I wanted to give a good spread of traveling, exploring and gigging.

How do you edit the video for an Instagram post?

We just did it on the laptop, then moved it to my phone where I chose an appropriate Instagram filter and brought it down to like the 20% – 50% mark so that it gave off just enough of that filter feel without it coming across too exposed.

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Deena’s latest single Turpentine

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