Video Content Creation 101: Part 2 with @bamitsjoanne

Video Content Creation 101: Part 2 with @bamitsjoanne
@bamitsjoanne x VAMP

@bamitsjoanne is a long-standing member of the VAMP Collective, having worked with us on multiple campaigns, including fashion brands like ASOS, Country Road, Superdry and THE HORSE. Joanne shares both her and her videographer Blake’s insights into creating their video for the recent OPSM campaign with VAMP.

@bamitsjoanne’s OPSM video content

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“We are so lucky in that we are a bunch of creatives who also happen to be best friends.”

What was your inspiration for the video? 

The theme was release your colour so we initially had the idea that the moment you put your glasses on, colour powder will go off in the background, that’s why Jamie, Jo (yes another Joanne) and myself all had that “slo-mo” putting on glasses moment and then storyline just kind of came from there – three good friends (metaphorically) adding colour into one another’s lives.

Who takes your video content? Do you hire a professional videographer? 

Yes we have an amazing videographer as part of our creative team. Blake Kirby (@_bkproductions) is best in the industry and took all footage including post production! The four of us work together really well – Blake does video/photos, the other Jo does makeup, I do styling/client relations and Jamie is our business/marketing lead. We are so lucky in that we are a bunch of creatives who also happen to be best friends.


Created by @bamitsjoanne for VAMP’s Country Road Knitwear campaign

Video Editing Insights from Videographer Blake Kirby @_bkproductions

What camera did you use? 

Sony A7Sii

Do you use different cameras for different types of video?

I only used the one camera for this video but i do switch between the A7Sii, GoPro hero 5 and Mavic Pro drone depending on the angles and perspectives I’m after.

Which lens did you use to create the video? 

Sony 16-35, Sony 24-240

What editing software did you use? 

Adobe Premiere Pro

What lighting did you use?

Natural lighting

Where did you source your music from? 


Created by @bamitsjoanne for VAMP’s ASOS Partywear campaign

Created by @bamitsjoanne for ASOS Jeans campaign

What decisions came into play when arranging/trimming your clips?

We decided to do a 3 shot split screen for the phone call sequence, which meant that the framing and timing of the shot was crucial for the dialogue to flow

Which transitions do you prefer to use and why?

I love a simple moving mask transition to reveal another shot because, when done well, it will flow seemlessly but the viewers will be questioning themselves on what they just saw.

Do you have a specific transition length that you tend to use?

No specific length it just depends on the tempo of the edit.

How do you edit the video for an Instagram post?

I edit my videos all the same way regardless of the platform as long as they are in a 16:9 ratio and just export the file in 640×360 for IG to minimize third party compression

Created by @bamitsjoanne for Superdry Jackets campaign

This was part 2 of the Video Content Creation series.

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