Video Content Creation 101: Part 1 with @chrizellelategan

Video Content Creation 101: Part 1 with @chrizellelategan
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Video content is the hot topic on everybody’s lips this year. With 51% of marketers saying that video content produces the best return on investment (Source), we’ve noticed a big increase in brands asking for Influencers who can create video content.

There is definitely an art to creating engaging video content and the best way to master it is to practice practice practice! Experimenting with different cameras, angles, techniques and edits is how you will get more video content creation opportunities. We are seeing some really innovative videos coming out of Influencer produced content including short videos, boomerang, IG stories, etc.

We’ve caught up with some of our top video content creators to find out some useful tips and tricks for those looking to up their video game. Chrizelle, who has created video content for many VAMP campaigns including Rimmel London, Estée Lauder and MasterCard, shares her insights into how her latest video for an OPSM campaign came together.

Chrizelle’s OPSM video content

“We love creating content videos with VAMP as they always allow us to have creative control – which leads to newer and better content.” 

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What camera did you use? 

We used a Panasonic GX7 to shoot the latest videos. We love how small and unobtrusive it is – and plus it easily fits into your handbag. We also like to use the Panasonic GH4 which is a little bigger.

What lighting did you use?

We like to use natural light unless we film inside then we like use some extra lighting.

What was your inspiration for the video? 

For the OPSM campaign we wanted to create this corporate-on-the-go type of feel. Showing various ways and locations where one can wear the glasses. We love to create stories around a product. For example –  how you would use it in everyday life – and how it makes life better.

Who takes your video content? Do you hire a professional videographer?

My husband takes all of my videos and happens to be a professional videographer. He’s co-founder of Bizvideo a video agency specialising in online video marketing.

We love creating content videos with VAMP as they always allow us to have creative control – which leads to newer and better content.

Did you use a tripod? If so, which one? 

We rarely use a tripod, but when we do – it’s a Manfrotto tripod. We like to go handheld for a more natural feel.

How did you choose the backdrop of your video? 

We are always looking for beautiful locations that will fit within our video direction. Sometimes that could be as simple a white wall or like the OPSM video where we wanted to give a European feel.

What editing software did you use? Are there any others you can recommend. 

We use Premiere Pro CC – which we love! There’s a lot that you can do with it. Another software program that we would recommend is Final Cut. For a beginner – I would recommend Apple’s iMovie.

What decisions came into play when arranging/trimming your clips? Which transitions (in general) do you prefer to use and why? 

When creating a video – a lot of it comes down to the planning stage before the filming. Once we’ve filmed everything, then it’s a matter of letting the creative juices flow – and seeing what fits together.

How do you edit the video for an Instagram post? 

The way we edit for instagram is just like any other video. However, you have to try and keep it to under a minute.

If you’re interested in finding out more of Chrizelle’s top Influencer tips, you can read our exclusive interview with her here:

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