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Vamp Content Creator of the Month
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Celebrating VAMP Content Creators



Every day the VAMP team are so impressed by the high calibre of content that our Vamp Collective Content Creators consistently produce. We are so often blown away to the point that all work in the VAMP office stops for a moment as we crowd around one computer screen and share our utter amazement at somebody’s new campaign content. It takes our breath away, as we know it also does with the brands we work with. That’s the beauty of working in this industry! We are thankful every day to be working with such high quality creatives. Seeing their creative vision come to life as they put their own personal, unique touch on a brief is an absolute delight. We want to acknowledge them as the creative professionals that they are.

The winner of the Vamp Collective Content Creator of the Month award for May is Boo Chong.

We have had the pleasure of working with Boo on multiple campaigns including M.A.C, COACH, Hysan, Glaceau and Estée Lauder, since VAMP first set up in Hong Kong last September.

As you can see, Boo’s content is consistently of a very high quality. Her ideas are truly brilliant, extremely original and beautifully executed. She is exactly what makes VAMP Content Creators stand out from the crowd. She works hard to inspire her carefully cultivated audience with content that is fresh and engaging, as well as in line with her personal aesthetic.

Her quality of content comes hand in hand with her professional attitude to her work as an Influencer. We can always count on her to deliver her posts on time and she is wonderful to work with.

Congratulations to Boo for winning the award! There’s a gift coming in the post to her from the VAMP team. We look forward to working with her on future campaigns.

Much VAMP love,

The Vamp Collective Team xx



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