What the new iOS11 announcement means for content creators

What the new iOS11 announcement means for content creators

Last night, at the most recent Apple Event, the upcoming changes for devices and iOS11 were announced. We’ve rounded up the key benefits for our snap happy content creators.

Updates to photos

Apple users are now taking 1 Trillion photos a year, yes you read that right – 1 trillion photos!

Currently all images are captured in a JPG format, this will now move towards HEIF High Efficiency Image Format in which photos are taken in high quality but are half the size of images to date – better quality, less space. Apple have stated that the new photo format will not impact sharing compatibility and will also provide improved photo quality in low light settings. With the new iOS11 also comes new additional photo filters available for editing your images.

Updates to live photos

Live photos capture a still image and video surrounding that moment. You can now trim your live photos and choose which frame you would like to be the main image frame. There are some new features launching that can be applied to live photos including a long exposure setting which turns a live photo from a photo/video blend into a single image with an effect you would expect to see from a photo taken at long exposure. You can also now apply a bounce, bouncing the movement in the live photo back and fourth creating a boomerang. Another feature they have added to live photo’s is called loop where essentially a GIF is created from the live photo by continuously looping the lie photo.

Updates to video

If you are taking a video on your Apple device currently it is being recorded at H.264. New advancements announced will result in videos being taken with what Apple are calling HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding). What does this mean for the future of videos taken on your phone? Up to 2 x better compression simply meaning they taking up less storage space on your phone and the cloud.

Whilst none of the new features for photos and videos are revolutionary, they will no doubt assist in improving the everyday quality of content you create and save you a little more time from jumping into other Apps to create gif’s and boomerangs.

You can watch the full presentation for yourself here.


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