Vamp Roving Reporters at MBFWA with Jordan Turner

Fashion influencer @mrturner talks about fashion week

Long-standing Vamp Collective member, Jordan Turner, is attending fashion week at MBFWA for the second year running. We caught up with Jordan straight outta fashion week to hear some of his behind the scenes tips and tricks. He talks about the art of hustling, go-go juice and men in silk pyjamas.

Earlier this year Jordan become a full-time Influencer and Content Creator. You can read his article “Why I quit my job” featured on the Vamp Collective here.

MBWFA is the fashion event of the year in Australia. We’re a small country and this is where the entire nation, alongside renowned international guests, gather for a few days of the year to celebrate collections from national and international designers. It’s definitely a show, but one I love being a part of.

How has MBFWA helped you develop as an Influencer/Content Creator? 

Last year was my very first fashion week with media accreditation. I had been blogging on my own for 12 months at that stage, and had zero connections or relationships in the industry.


Pre-MBFWA, I sat at my office job brainstorming what I was going to wear. I used my lunch and bathroom breaks to “cold-call” every brand and PR agency I could to pitch myself and my blog. I had never done anything like this before so I was extremely nervous. A lot of brands and agencies hadn’t worked with influencers, let alone male influencers with a small following, at this time so it was turn-down after turn-down. So one of the many things I learnt was the valuable lesson of hustling. Not taking no for an answer but rather finding other avenues to get what I needed.

What can’t you live without at fashion week?

Two things, my camera and a portable charger. You never know when you want to snap what someone else is wearing, what you are wearing yourself, or when you need some more go-go-juice for your phone.


How do you prepare for fashion week in the week/s leading up to it?

I only prepare my content for the week so I can concentrate on the week, and what brands I’ll be showcasing and wearing. I love using it as a chance to show more love to brands that I work with and adore by wearing them to all the shows and events.

What’s your advice/tips for people attending the event for the first time? 

Use the event to network! Drop the nerves, and strike up conversations. I met so many incredible people last year, whom of which have all played an integral part in getting my content and blog to where it is today. I went to MBFWA knowing nobody. I felt incredibly out of place. However, I met the social media manager to Glue Store there, as well as a few to other social media brands, and did work with them instantly after MBFWA had finished.

My reach grew the collaborations very naturally, and more work started to follow. You’re going to feel super nervous, as it is naturally with anything new, however, remember this: if you’re not nervous, you don’t care. When you do care, you’re doing something right.

What’s your favourite thing about MBFWA?

Nothing gets past the street style! It is my favourite thing about the entire event. Dressing as outrageously or as simple as you want, and expressing yourself at your core.


I remember sitting in the back of the classroom in high school during past MBFWA years and seeing all my favourite bloggers and fashion-elite post their street style of the day. It was a torturous daily dose of FOMO. I’m definitely going to tap into that love of street style and play photographer this year, capturing snapshots of the fashionable as they walk in.

How important is it to have a perfectly planned outfit for the day? 

It’s pretty important, but it’s not the end of the world. If you’re wearing the latest piece from the designer of the moment, of course, you’re going to be hailed, but don’t forget so was the guy who turned up in his silk pyjamas last year. AND, he was only a local who came to make a complaint about the noise levels. On that note, just know that being there is better than not being there, no matter what or who you’re wearing.


What was the most interesting thing that you discovered backstage last year?

It’s not at all what I imagined it to be like. It’s chaotic – exactly like what you see on TV. What I found most exciting was getting a sneak peek of the collections, talking to the models and hearing the inspiration straight from the source – the designer’s themselves! I find it so much more engaging hearing the unwavering passion and excitement in the designer directly.