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An interview about YouTube vlogging
Vamp x Lauren Engel

Lauren Engel

Content Creator | Podcast Host | Founder of @engelauren and @sidewalktalkshow

Vamp Collective Member

Vamp caught up with Hong Kong based Content Creator and Podcast host Lauren Engel to chat about building a YouTube community and how this differs from Instagram, her top tips for YouTube interviews and the 3 things she considers before creating content for a brand.

Describe your style in 3 words




Tell us about @engelauren and @sidewalktalkshow

My IG originally started as just a photography page and I didn’t even post pictures of myself but overtime the pictures of me did better so I thought why not post more of myself. I was a shy kid growing up and never thought I would be an interviewer. At first I would just email over questions but their answers were never really as in depth as I wanted them to be so I started doing it in person and voice recording. Then I thought to do them in interview form walking and talking as I feel that myself and the people I interview are more relaxed than sitting on a sofa with strong lights.


My top tips for interviewing for YouTube would be to research as much as you can about that person, try to form some chronological order which makes it easier for me to understand them. In person I try to talk as little as possible and let them talk. When trying to bring up sensitive topics like religion or some parts of their upbringing I tend to say something short about myself so they can open up easier.

Created for the Vamp x Hysan Sports campaign

What do you take into consideration before you agree to a collaboration with a brand? 

I take into consideration the style of the brand and what they want me to push. My style is more edgy and tomboy and if a really frilly girly brand reaches out I probably wouldn’t do it. It just isn’t me to dress like that. I also look into what I can offer them, how to make our collaboration work best.

Created by @engelauren for Vamp x Versace campaign

When you create content for a campaign what 3 things do you consider?

I try to think how I would use that product in its natural environment. I choose a location that’s photogenic and matches where I would use it and the mood of the picture I want. For example I did a Diesel campaign and I thought that shooting in the night would create more of a Diesel feeling to the picture.

How does building a community on YouTube differ from building one on Instagram? What pearls of wisdom can you pass on to any predominantly Instagram Influencers who want to start building a following on YouTube? 

It’s totally different to what I imagined. The YouTube community I have are a lot of Asians who either live in Hong Kong or in Western countries who want to see Hong Kong or practice their Cantonese – I make Cantonese vlogs. I would say that at least from my point of view it’s really difficult to transition from Instagram to YouTube and you would have to build a different community on YouTube. I would have never thought people would be interested to hear me speak Cantonese from the community I have on my Instagram. I would say know your niche of what you want to talk about on your YouTube and stick to it.

Created by @engelauren for the Vamp x Hysan Beauty campaign

What video editing software do you use? 

I use Adobe Premiere pro because I like their color correction tool!

In your opinion, what are the golden rules of being an Influencer/Content Creator? 

Have your own unique sense of photography and style, share what you like to use with your followers, let your followers learn more about you and get back to them on questions they have!

What has been the biggest highlight (moment of OMG wow) of being a Content Creator on social? 

Cliché but it would have to be the first time I was approached to do a paid post. I’ve had my Instagram for nearly five years and it’s only relatively recently that I’ve been approached to create content for brands. I think it made me realize how much I like photography, being in front of the camera and curating my feed.

What are your dreams for the future? 

Grow my interview series as much as I can. I really hope I can interview people from social media who are doing their thing like skaters, founders of brands, event tastemakers. They inspire so many people but don’t get interviewed as much, especially not in video form.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself that not everybody knows. 

Contrary to my creative side I show online I’m actually a very numbers driven person and work in data. I also used to be a jock in high school!

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Right now I’m… 

Listening to: I’m OK by my bf AObeats which is on Atlantic records- so proud !

Eating:  Sushi go round in Tokyo (yay)

Drinking: Super hot water because I’m in Tokyo and because of the poor communication they gave me hot water sigh

Wearing:  HLZBLZ (LA Brand)

Watching: Girl Boss on Netflix

Reading:  King Hui: The Man Who Owned All The Opium in Hong Kong

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