Vamp Taste Makers: Elma Li Convé

An interview on fashion and styling
Vamp x Elma Li Convé

Elma Li Convé

Stylist | Consultant | Creator | Founder of @elmaliconve

Vamp Collective Member

Vamp caught up with Hong Kong Influencer Elma Li Convé to talk about all things fashion and styling and her top tips about Content Creation for brands.


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How did @elmaliconve begin?

I returned to Hong Kong from London in 2013 and worked as a fashion stylist back in my home town after I had gained experience in assisting stylist work in London. At the same time I started to manage my personal social media, sharing my styling work and my styling tips so that was I began influencing via @elmaliconve. I love building concepts and sharing the artistic sense of doing styling, from fashion to product styling. Those are my main passions and life’s work.

How does your work as a stylist help you to develop as an Influencer and vice versa?

My experience working as a stylist is definitely helping me to run my blog, Instagram and other social media channels. I wanted to share useful skills or professional tips to my readers/audience and social media helps me to do this. I want them to experience my vision of fashion and to truly help them if they have any problems styling and help to build their confidence by wearing the right style.


What are your top fashion styling tips?

There are quite a few top fashion styling tips that always come to mind. First of all, a classy minimal sunglasses is the must have item in my bag no matter whether it’s summer or winter. This accessory helps me to stay mysterious. And also a pair of low heels like 2 – 3 inches in height is very important if you want to visually look taller.

Which editing apps do you use?

I prefer to look as natural as possible in the picture, therefore I usually only put on a filter from iPhone photo edit.

What camera do you use?

iPhone 6s or Canon

How do you tell a story with your photography and videography?

Well well well, I use my experience to understand the working concept behind the photo. I love to bring a story or message to life in the picture. There is always a reason behind why I choose to use each of the props for my photograph. I want my reader or audience to read my soul and personality through my work.


Created for the Vamp x COACH campaign

What are the most important things you consider when creating content for a brand?

For me, I have worked with quite a lot of different brands and first of all is the most important thing is to clarify the brand identity and understand it’s DNA, whether you’re doing styling or a visual campaign. You cannot put the wrong things together just because it looks nice in the picture.


Created for the Vamp x Versace campaign

What has been your favourite Vamp campaign so far?

Working with Vamp is definitely easy breezy! I love the flexibility with Vamp that allows me to choose the right campaigns for me. I love the one I did at Versace shop since it bought me the challenge of creating a point of different in my image, which was especially challenging because everyone on the campaign were tasked to shoot at the same location.

What are the best things about being an Influencer? What are the biggest challenges?

The best thing for me about being an influencer is the flexibility of my creation. There is no pressure of creating content that I wouldn’t want to share normally. Because I am sharing my daily life/work mostly and that’s what I am good at. However, there for sure are some moments you will receive negative comments. Well, the way I see it. Negative comments are a good thing for me because it helps me to improve.


Created for the Vamp x Moschino campaign


What are your dreams for the future?

I want to keep sharing and influencing people who love seeing my work and share in my core life beliefs of staying positive and feeling good vibes. It’ll be my pleasure to continue receiving support from different places around the world. I love receiving messages from people with different backgrounds or cultures and this is inspires me to continue building my content.

Right now I’m…

Listening to:  AFROMAN

Eating:  Brownie

Drinking: Veuve Clicquot Champagne

Wearing:  Comfy Gucci slipper

Watching: Petra Collins

Reading: Vamp Collective blog