Vamp Collective Content Creator of the Month

Vamp Content Creator of the Month
Vamp Collective

Celebrating Vamp Content Creators

Every day the Vamp team are so impressed by the high calibre of content that our Vamp Collective Content Creators consistently produce. We are so often blown away to the point that all work in the Vamp office stops for a moment as we crowd around one computer screen and share our utter amazement at somebody’s new campaign content. It takes our breath away, as we know it also does with the brands we work with. That’s the beauty of working in this industry! We are thankful every day to be working with such high quality creatives. Seeing their creative vision come to life as they put their own personal, unique touch on a brief is an absolute delight. We want to acknowledge them as the creative professionals that they are.

This month we are celebrating Chrizelle Lategan, a fantastic Content Creator. Chrizelle who is very professional to work with and creates consistent high quality content that aligns with her personal brand. She’s been the talk of the town with her beautifully curated video content for Estée Lauder, featuring their Double Wear Foundation product. Estée Lauder really loved her video and it received an incredibly positive engagement from her followers. Chrizelle has also created some stunning content for recent Vamp campaigns with Country Road and New Balance. Country Road also highlighted her campaign images as some of their favourites. You can read about what they loved about her content here.

Chrizelle has also been featured in an exclusive Taste Makers interview on the Vamp Collective blog. Read all about her advice to Instagrammers who want to develop a distinctive aesthetic, her creative process for a Collaboration post and her top tips for content creation in her interview here.

Massive kudos to Chrizelle for her hard work and unique talent! There’s a lil gift coming in the post to her as a thank you. Please join us in celebrating her win by commenting below.

Much Vamp love,

The Vamp Collective Team



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