International Women’s Week: Conversations with Holly Brown

What opportunities does influencer marketing open up for women?

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International Women’s Week – Celebrating Vamp Collective Women

Profile: Holly Brown

Influential Content Creator | Founder of The Fromage Table | Vamp Collective Member

I started my personal Instagram account way back when Instagram first launched. It’s always been a visual journal and exploration of my everyday life and a collation of what I love. When I finished school I knew I was always interested in the design world but couldn’t really pinpoint at that time what “industry” or “career” I wanted to pursue.

From there it’s been a process of elimination – beginning my study in medicine to completing qualifications in interior design, working in brand management, marketing, social media and visual arts. I’ve also just launched a little passion project, The Fromage Table, with a former colleague come best friend Taegan Reid.

Tell us about The Fromage Table

The Fromage Table was born over three of my favourite things, good food, wine & great friendship. We wanted to establish a creative offering that provided others with opportunities and inspiration to create memories in beautiful settings.

More than just a gourmet catering and luxury event offering, The Fromage Table exists to serve as a reminder to take time to indulge yourself with happiness, in whatever form than manifests for you.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?  

Recognition. Celebration. Empowerment.

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Which women inspire you within the Instagram/Content Creation world? 

The real women. The change-makers. The ones who aren’t afraid to write what they think in their captions and the women who have have an air of authenticity. The women who push the boundaries and are creating something fresh and unique.

Some of the work from Holly’s @holbrown portfolio for previous VAMP campaigns



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