International Women’s Week: Conversations with Louise Prestipino

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International Women’s Week – Celebrating Vamp Collective Women

Profile: Louise Prestipino 

Cardiovascular Neuroscientist | Influential Content Creator | Founder of Glass Fauna | Vamp Collective Member

As part of our initiative to celebrate the women of the Vamp Collective during International Women’s Week, we caught up with Louise who originally created Glass Fauna as an outlet for her creativity to escape the rigorous nature of her Academic studies. She now finds that rather than simply just an “escape”, her creative outlet actually complements her work towards her PhD in Cardiovascular Neuroscience.

Her Instagram account @glassfauna was founded upon an “immense appreciation and respect for the natural world”. She wanted to curate photographs that “best highlight the diversity, complexity and beauty of flora, fauna and terrain”.

Vamp loves working with Content Creators like @glassfauna because not only does she have a very distinctive and unique aesthetic, creates beautiful, authentic content and very creatively features products in her photos for Vamp campaigns, but she also always withholds the highest standards of professional and ethical behaviour. She is an inspiration to all, both in the way she seems to effortlessly balance the life of a Neuroscientist with that of a Content Creator, but also in her efforts to use her talent to inspire others to defend the natural environment.

“I hope that by examining the natural world through the dual lens of a photography enthusiast and a biology enthusiast, I can inspire others to defend the environment and the delicate ecosystems that comprise it.”

This was Louise’s stunning entry for the Vamp Creative Bucket list competition. You can read all about the competition here but in sum, the premise was that Vamp Collective members who opted in to the competition each produced a piece of content which creatively communicates what their dream photoshoot location/activity would be. Vamp would provide the winner with funding up to the value of $2500 to help them to tick it off their Creative Bucket list.

The Vamp team was so impressed by Louise’s creative interpretation of the brief that she made it to the top 5 finalists. These 5 were posted on the @vampbrands Instagram account for a period of 48 hours before the entry with the highest engagement (likes + comments) would win the competition prize. Louise did an absolutely fantastic job of rallying @glassfauna‘s Instagram community to support her.



How do you balance your life as Cardiovascular Neuroscientist with your creative work as an Influential Content Creator?

I only have time to shoot on the weekends. I will dedicate a few hours to shooting my subject of interest, and then post the content over the coming weeks. I only use natural light and I usually miss sunset because of my PhD hours, so I’m very limited as to when I can shoot.


How does working with an agency like Vamp help to facilitate the working opportunities for women in the creative industry? 

Working with an agency like Vamp makes content creation far simpler for everyone. By lightening the administrative and organisational load, Content Creators have more time and energy to focus on what they do best.

I’m certainly no marketing or PR expert, so having an agency I can trust with these tasks is incredibly important. For women specifically, an agency allows the influx of proposals to be vetted for their relevancy.

This in turn creates an efficient and effective work environment for women.

“I do believe that the future for women glows steadily brighter.”

What does International Women’s Day mean to you? 

To me, it evokes a sense of appreciation for all the female scientists who have made their mark in a field that tends to be dominated by males. I’m privileged enough to work in a very diverse lab, but this is certainly not the case in various parts of the world. This of course, is a feature of a vast array of complicated and intermingled political, social and economic problems.

To keep it brief, understanding the struggles that disadvantaged women across the world face, and above all, fiercely advocating for their access to a good education, is crucial for the function and evolution of society as a whole.

I do believe that the future for women glows steadily brighter.


Some of the work from Louise’s @glassfauna portfolio for previous VAMP campaigns


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