Influencers & 6-second video storytelling


Imagine if you could tell a story in 6 seconds flat.

Ernest Hemingway bet his fellow writers that he could write a short story in just six words.

This is what he presented them with:

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

He won the bet.


It packs a punch, it’s impactful, it evokes emotion. It’s short and snappy. Hemingway, like many other talented creatives, adopted this Theory of Omission – the “show, don’t tell” style of creative representation.

It’s the spaces between these words that are left up the audience’s imagination and give them the chance to insert themselves into the story. They actively engage with the spaces and this makes the story more likely to stick in their minds.

Short + Snappy = Sticky Storytelling

The Theory of Omission can be applied to 6 second video storytelling. Our brains can process an image in just 13 milliseconds so within 6 seconds alone we can identify up to 461 subtle changes in a video.

Think about it, that’s 461 new openings for your brand to tell its story. Feel free to take a moment to sit back and congratulate yourself on having such an impressive brain.

Similar to Hemingway’s bet, for this year’s Sundance festival, YouTube challenged agency creatives and filmmakers to tell a video story in just 6 seconds, a format that YouTube recently began offering advertisers to help them capture attention through the medium of video storytelling in today’s mobile world.

This was “Breath” from TBWA/Chiat/Day.

“We originally thought the time constraint would be a hindrance to tell an emotional story. But we quickly learned that you don’t need to tell an entire story in the traditional sense to evoke emotion.

One word, one image, one second is enough for someone to be drawn in. The story we chose to tell, of a little girl blowing out her birthday candles, can spark a myriad of thoughts and emotions, leaving the viewer with a desire to watch more. That’s the beauty of storytelling.”

—Mia Kuhn, Producer, TBWA/Chiat/Day

You can see more entries to this video storytelling challenge here.

With the ever-increasing hunger for new, snackable content and the growth of SnapChat, Instagram stories and YouTube, video storytelling is on the rise.

Brands can leverage Influential Content Creators to create unique and impactful video stories that have a proven track record of an audience engaging with them. With a multitude of content to choose from in any one single Influencer Marketing campaign you have more opportunities for your brand to reach your customers in creative, engaging ways.

At VAMP we’re already seeing Influential Content Creators investing more time and care into their video content in 2017 as more brands are seeing the value that outsourcing video content from Influencers can provide to their marketing strategies.

To many of our Talent, editing video content is a key part of their toolbox of digital editing skills and some are even employing their own videographers to help them to create high quality, engaging video storytelling for brand collaborations.

Influential Content Creators are a cost-effective freelance creative resource that your brand can tap into to keep up to with today’s fast pace of content consumption.

I leave you to imagine what Hemingway’s Instagram stories and YouTube channel would look like today.


Get in touch to find out how VAMP can help your brand invest in video storytelling. Below are some examples of Vamp Talent produced video content.


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