How to create a high quality image

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With an ever increasing number of users on social media, there is naturally a growing increase in Influencers and Content Creators. With more competition for space in your followers feed it’s more important than ever to ensure you are producing high quality content so that your followers will continue to engage with you and that brands will also want to collaborate with you. Whilst there are many contributing factors to what makes a high quality image we have put together a few key points for consideration regardless of whether you use a professional DSLR camera or your simply iPhone to shoot content.


Mastering the light in your photos is all focused around making use of natural light, for example, sunlight through your window vs. the light emitted from your lampshade. Not all light, including natural light, is created equal. The best light for shooting is generally diffused or filtered sunlight – it’s gentlest on the eye and on your image subjects. Timing is everything so prioritise shooting in the early morning or late afternoon to catch this soft light or alternatively place a white bed sheet or light fabric across your window which will diffuse any harsh light. Have a play around by shooting at different times of day with light from different angles to see what you like best.

Camera Angle / Depth of Field

The product and objective of what you are capturing will often determine the the best angle for you to shoot. For example if you are shooting a table full of food, think about whether you trying to capture the details of the meals or simply showcasing an indulgent group feast? The angle of the image can also change the tone so experiment to determine what you like best. Jump up on a chair to get an aerial view, drop it low to get a direct front on shot or try shooting at 3/4 so that you can see the items in more detail. There is no right or wrong way to shoot, just your personal preference but you’ll never know what you like best unless you try them all.

Image Format

Always ensure that if you are shooting on your phone that the lens has been wiped clean, it sounds simple but is often overlooked in the age of carrying phones in handbags and pockets. When shooting on iPhone ensure that you are shooting on HDR to enable you to have more detail and clarity when editing your image. A higher resolution image is also more likely to be purchased for usage rights by brands, placing extra money in your pocket for no additional work.

Consistent Editing

Using the same editing format or filter across your images will provide consistency, assisting in creating a strong visual brand. Pick a few editing settings or filters and use these across all of your images. If an image you have captured is darker than the rest of your feed then use editing Apps to bring it closer in line with your previous images whether it be in Instagram itself or a more sophisticated App such as Photoshop Express.


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