Mr Turner: Why I quit my job

VAMP - Mr Turner - Why I quit my job

Vamp Influencer Mr Turner talks through why he quit his day job to become a full time influencer and content creator. Original article published on and featured on Vamp Collective in full with permission by the Author.

There’ll be no glory-drenched, explosive exit. I love my job. My workplace is bursting with talented entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas, thriving businesses, and innovative brains. Being surrounded by those people and their zeal has always fortified and galvanised my own. It’s ironic, I suppose, that it’s everything that has made my job great that has also convinced me to leave it behind.

It’s a thought common to all who dream  – “I love my side-hustle, I wish I could make it my full-time job.” Well, the truth is you can, and you should. The only person stopping you from doing so is you – I should know. My Grandma always says to me – and I know, I speak about her wisdom a lot – that “if you have a choice, you have options. And if you have options, you are in control.” You have one life to make everything you want happen. Whether it be climbing to the top of the corporate ladder, opening up your own business or moving countries to experience another culture – you have a choice as Grandma Turner would tell you too.

My side hustle? You’re looking at it. Fashion Bloggers, content creators, photographers all perfect the art of time management, cramming a hundred activities into a space meant for ten. Behind the scenes, a lot of us work and study full-time. The day starts with the gym, followed by work, sliding off to an event or meeting at lunch, rushing back to work, another gig that evening, then getting home and cracking open the laptop; there’s always still a thousand things to organise for the weekend.

Unsurprisingly, this lifestyle becomes exhausting, so over the Christmas and New Year break, I found time to stop and reconnect with myself. Novels and films; dance and workouts; the sea, the sun, and the sand.  I listened to music that
sparked my creativity, and I made art. I had photo shoots and collaborated with bloggers. I spent quality time with my family and best friends. Most of all, I rediscovered parts of myself that I had forgotten I loved.


Let me pose a question – why do we sweep our wants and needs under the rug of life’s potential so we can stay safe in the comfort zone?  I’ve caught myself hoping my dreams fade so I could convince myself I was “happy” remaining in a secure job. It’s easier than facing fear; the leap into the great unknown. I’ve decided it’s time I step up to the ledge.

What’s next? No sick leave, annual leave or guaranteed pay days. No safety net if life throws a curveball. No Gucci or Givenchy purchases for a while. What’s ahead are possibilities and opportunities; obstacles and challenges; sleepless nights and experiences that I hope to share as it gets tough. There is time for doing what I love, and loving what I do. I now work for me. I live on my own values, and I get to choose exactly how I operate.

Today I don’t just resign from my job, I resign from comfort and security. I resign from the idea that money in the bank is my life’s measure. I leave with a promise to myself – I’ll never forget what I love again. I fan the flames of a fire inside me that’s already burnt the rug I swept my ambition under to a crisp. Only dust and ash are left behind – I won’t be coming back.

I’ve made my choice. All, or nothing.

Inspiration from Helen Chik‘s ‘Why I Quit My Job’ article. Photographs taken by Chris Burt-Allan of A Stylish Man. Wearing linen short sleeve shirt by Assembly Label, and a striped long sleeve linen shirt by Scotch & Soda with Tevita Watermelon Shorts.


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