Vamp Taste Makers: Chrizelle Lategan

Vamp Collective x Chrizelle Lategan

Chrizelle Lategan

Blogger, Content creator, Videographer & Photographer

Vamp Collective Member

Chrizelle loves expressing her creativity through fashion. She started her Instagram account @chrizellelategan in 2012, then expanded her creative expression into her fashion blog Chasing Daylight.

Chrizelle also set up a blog for her adorable golden cocker spaniel, Maple, and her cousin Lacie, a mini-miniature schnauzer, about a year ago. The following of @mapleandlacie has since grown to over 20k; an impressive feat.

Vamp Collective x Chrizelle Lategan


“They are the best of friends and love being in front of the camera. It’s been such a fun experience connecting with other animal lovers, and I’m so glad we’ve captured Maple growing up.” – Chrizelle Lategan

Walk us through your creation process for a Collaboration post. 

I usually start on pinterest and other blogs to get some inspiration.

Then I move onto moodboarding and brainstorming outfits and/or whatever the brief requires.

While this is happening, I constantly reflect back to the main feeling I want to create through the post/s.

I always aim to be more creative with my posts whilst keeping true to my style/aesthetic.

When shooting, I’ll always be open for other creative ideas that pop up. Some of the most creative photos are captured in the moment.

From there I move onto editing and delivering the final posts

Vamp Collective x Chrizelle Lategan

Image created by @chrizellelategan for Vamp x ASOS WHITE label campaign

Video Content with Chrizelle Lategan 

Video Apps/Programs:

My favorite video editing program is Adobe Premiere CC. This is fantastic as it runs in line with lightroom and photoshop – which I use with all my blogging as well.


I strongly believe that a specific song can make or break a viewer’s journey throughout a film. Thus, I consistently listen to all kinds of music, with the hope of finding unique songs for future videos. One of my favourite music licensing platforms is Marmoset.

Editing angles:

– Emotion

– Story aspect

– Detail & location

– Beautiful imagery

– Good sound, cool atmos

Photo Content with Chrizelle Lategan

Visual Aesthetic:

My visual aesthetic is clean and minimal with good lighting. I found that it transformed over time as I grew more through different stages of life. I’ve always been drawn to a certain type of photography, which has inspired my current style.

Most of my shoots are done in the morning with the most natural light. I use late afternoons if I want a warmer feel in my photos.

Keeping visual aesthetic consistent:

Lighting is everything – the more natural light, the better.

I stick to simple colours.

Use the same VSCO filters each time.

Keep backgrounds simple (example taking photos in front of a white or black wall).

Straight lines.

But most importantly, I make sure it looks right to the eye.

Vamp Collective x Chrizelle Lategan

What advice would you give to Instagram users who want to develop a distinctive aesthetic?

Make sure that you have good lighting. Don’t try and force a photo when there isn’t much light.

Try and stick to minimal editing to ensure that you can get a similar look with each post.

Space out your photos and mix them up. E.g. I won’t put up 2 photos next to each other that are from the same shoot I would rather put the next one up a few days after.

Be creative and just play around – my favourite photos always happen while just playing around and having fun with the shoot rather than taking it too seriously.

Vamp Collective

What is your favourite photograph of all your Instagram photos and why? 

This is probably one of my favourite photos of all time. This was taken while I was trying to enjoy some breakfast in bed when my puppy Maple decided to join in on the fun. I love capturing spontaneous moments like this as it’s so special to look back on.

This photo is different to my most popular photograph on Instagram as it’s a simple moment that I get to witness everyday whilst having breakfast.

Right now I’m…

Listening to: C’est Si Bon, Eartha Kitt

Eating:  A chocolate cronut, the best invention in my opinion.

Drinking: Long Black

Wearing: Jeans, sneakers and a oversized sweater

Watching: Scream series on Netflix

Reading: Come Away My Beloved – Frances J. Roberts

Vamp Collective x Chrizelle Lategan