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Coined by Google in 2011, the term Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) refers to the way consumers now search for information online to make informed decisions about brands. Influential Content Creators are right there at the front line. 

When “alternative facts” is the buzzphrase of the week from one of the world’s leaders and a twitter account really can influence an election, we see more than ever how the internet is evolving the way we consume and decipher information.

Mobile use has fractured the consumer purchasing journey into “hundreds of real-time, intent-driven micro-moments” (Source: Google) with the ZMOT being the integral, invaluable moments of a consumer’s day. They have a constant hunger for new content but limited patience for low quality or irrelevant information.

Previously the “First Moment of Truth (FMOT)” referenced the 3-7 seconds after a shopper first encounters a product in store and when, according to P&G, marketers are most likely to achieve a sale conversion by appealing to the buyer’s values, senses and emotions.

Now consumers will refer to their phones when they’re in-store to help them to decide whether or not to purchase that item. When shopping online consumers will frequently abandon and return to their shopping carts and refer to the vast resources online to do research before they buy. In actual fact it goes a lot deeper than that moment they first see your product in-store or online.

Your product, and your brand, is something the consumer has been mulling over, consciously or subconsciously for weeks, months and maybe even years before that moment as part of thousands and thousands of micro-impressions they make of information every day.

Social media plays a huge part in this Zero Moment of Truth for your brand as it is ever on the rise. The recent stats from the Nielson Social Media Report shows that the time spent on social media has increased by 36% since 2015. This is also reflected in Instagram’s rapid increase in monthly active users which reached 600 million by December 2016, up from 500 million in June 2016.

For brands to attain and sustain the attention of consumers in each micro-moment for these 600 million+ social media users, brands must be in the sights of the consumer’s social feeds as much as they possibly can. It’s a survival of the fastest as brands race to create content fast enough to keep their customers engaged.

VAMP’s Influential Content creators can help to leverage the Zero Moment Of Truth for brands in 3 powerful ways:

1) Present

The key to keeping up with the fast pace is to create, create, create. If you’re not pumping out as much content as you possibly can you might get left behind.

It can be very time consuming and expensive for your brand to create content, let alone enough content at a high enough quality to satisfy the demand. You can keep on the forefront of your customer’s minds by working with the right Influential Content Creators to create a multitude of high quality creative assets. It’s a cost-effective way to bank up your content and remain constantly in the sights of your consumer.

2) Relevant

At VAMP we believe the key to the success of the Influencer campaign is in choosing the right talent for your brand which is why we have an in-house Global Talent Director to hand-pick the highest quality content creators for each campaign, as per your brand’s requirements.

Then once the right Influential Content Creators have been selected, you can count on the talent to represent your brand in a way that will be highly relevant and engaging for their followers and, by extension, your brand’s customers. Once this has been tried and tested on the talent’s social channels you can leverage the content in digital advertising, EDM or even traditional mediums like print.

3) Attentive

Your brand can be attentive to consumers’ ever-changing buying needs and keep up with the trends on social media by working with Influential Content Creators whose audience are actively looking for advice/recommendations to help them make purchasing decisions.

There is no template for a paper-doll-cut-out consumer. People are more liberated in the way that they can be very selective about the kind of content they consume. They only want to see content that they are interested in and are more likely to make purchase-decisions when the content provides for a need they already have.

If they’re going on a holiday to Japan soon, for example, they might follow Influential Content Creators who have recently posted content to Japan with useful travel tips. A travel brand can jump in by collaborating with that Influencer just at the moment that their consumers need it.


The most successful brands are the ones who tap into the ZMOT as they are effectively adapting to the changing media landscape and evolving their behaviour hand-in-hand with their consumers.


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