How to maintain a professional reputation and get repeat work


For many of our content creators an Instagram account intially began as an outlet to showcase creativity. Eventually as followers began to grow, and brands and agencies begin to reach out with opportunities, a hobby turned into a freelance side business. This journey is the most natural progression from amateur to content creator. As an industry, freelance digital content creators are being increasingly commissioned to create content for marketing. As the content creation industry strengthens it’s extremely important as a freelancer to maintain a professional reputation in order to continue your success but also the reputation of the industry as a whole.

Whilst most professional aspects, such as including a signature on your emails, are common practice there are others that are a little more subtle and specific to influential social content creation. We’ve outlined below from Vamp’s experiences, and the feedback we receive from the brands we work with, the core professional standards required that need to be met to maintain a professional reputation.

Keeping content live within your feed

For all Vamp campaigns it is a requirement that all commissioned content created and shared on Instagram remains on your feed. As a respected and professional content creator you can have the freedom to work your creative muscle on projects that already fit into your own stories, adding another page to the narrative your followers are engaged with. The brands that you choose to work with are those that authentically connect with your own personal brand and therefore your audience will connect with them too. For these partnerships the content you create and share on your social channels as part of a campaign must remain live on your accounts, even after the end of a campaign. Any removal of posts from, for example, your Instagram feed is not only a violation of the campaign but also seen as being inauthentic to your followers.

Correct Spelling

Internally, the majority of brands have internal copywriters who triple check all of their copy from product descriptions to their social media, as incorrect spelling and grammar is perceived as incompetent and unprofessional. As brands you collaborate with carefully monitor all copy to ensure the best quality, their expectations of you as a professional freelance content creator are also high. Your accuracy in the completion of the brief is an exemplification of your dedication to creating high quality work both in your imagery and your caption copy. While it may seem like a an obvious one, errors can easily be made due to small phone keyboards as well as autocorrect which unfortunately doesn’t always correct to the right word. Spell checking is the simplest and most effective way to ensure that you create professional content.

Correct campaign hashtags and handle on social channels

Campaign hashtags and handles are imperative to the success of social campaigns. Not all information about a product can be referenced in your social post, nor should it all be featured there as it’s not always authentic to do so, therefore brands direct interested readers to their own branded page via handles and/or hashtags so that they can then gain the full information about a product and/or event. If the incorrect hashtags or handles are used this connection is broken and can significantly impact the campaign results even if amended at a later time – social media is instant. In an effort to streamline the process of posting your content to a social channel, all Vamp content creators can post their campaign image through the Vamp App so that you simply hit paste when posting into social media, and the App copies any campaign handles and hashtags leaving no room for error – simple and easy.


Above, screen shots from the Vamp App.

Correctly reference the brand or product

For some brands, particularly those within the fashion industry, you may be required to feature the product name when sharing your content for example: “Headed out for coffee with the girls to show off my new favourite ‘Stacey’ Aldo sandals from @Asosau”. This helps your followers to easily find the product you have created content around however in order for this to be the best experience for your followers it is imperative that the product name and/or brand is referenced correctly so that it can be easily found in their system. Simply stating they are you new favourite Aldo heels will mean your followers still need to search through pages of shoes to try and find the item rather than simply searching for the ‘Stacey’ sandal. By looking after your followers by helping them to easily find products featured in your content you will inadvertently also be assisting the brand by helping to create sales for the product, a win-win on both sides.





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