5 reasons why Influencers are your best Freelance Creative Resource


Influencers as your “Freelance Creative Resource”

The shift of advertising dollars from traditional media to digital media, coupled with the shortening attention spans of audiences and their desire for content variety, puts a huge burden on brands.

Brands, or their agencies, now need to create many pieces of diverse content to keep their customers engaged and delighted. Leveraging a group of Influencers to produce multiple pieces of content quickly has a number of benefits.

1.  Creative Variety

Leveraging the creative vision of a diverse group of Influencers may uncover visuals you never could have dreamed. Our Influencers are hand selected by our Talent Director for their high quality content, carefully managed and educated on our Vamp Collective blog. We find the right balance between creative direction and creative freedom so that our Influencers are free to create content that is beautiful, unique and authentic to their aesthetic, whilst also being very clear on what is expected from the brief.

In any campaign, giving the Influencers creative reigns will always result in an incredible variety of content, showcasing your product in a number of different ways. It is harnessing the creative wisdom of many!

2.  Time to Market

Content can be created and executed in a number of days, not weeks. From the time an Influencer receives a product to post in social media it takes less than a week.

You can commission content from Vamp Content Creators to produce visuals for Out-Of-Home, Facebook advertising, eDM or for use on your other social/commercial channels and the turnover is impressively fast, mostly because they are natural content creators and are used to creating regular photos for digital use. The content can be created quickly without sacrificing quality as they can be directed to shoot with a 300DPI camera and give you a handful of different shots from a variety of angles to choose from.

3.  Test + Learn = Optimisation 

If you have 20 pieces of content and you test them in paid media you can know within hours which one will perform best. Those learnings can help you optimise and focus your media spend where you will have the most impact.

With it already tried and tested in the market, you can further leverage the quality of the best performing content and build your brand’s identity by showing your product in the authentic, native environment of the Influencer. If you work with an Influencer whose brand aesthetic aligns naturally with your own and they post content that performs well on their own feed this is a strong indicator that it will also perform well in your own paid media.

4.  Evergreen Content in Brand Channels

Influencer content can be used to keep your website and social channels evergreen with fresh and diverse content. It can be extremely time consuming to keep coming up with new ideas for content on your social channels, particularly at the fast pace that social media is constantly evolves at. Keeping on top of your different social channels is easy with Influencers and helps to bridge the gap between the brand and the consumer.

That first glance of a brand’s Instagram page is very important and if you want strong consumer engagement with your social media identity, harnessing the relatable nature of Influencer content by re-grams can help. Influencers love to be re-grammed by brands they love too and, as advocates for your brand, it reinforces their personal relationship with you.

5.  Cost Effective

“Power Middle” Influencers are much more cost effective than pricey agency creative teams who are best placed to focus on the bigger brand vision and campaign integration.

By “Power Middle”, we’re referring to Influencers with between 10,000-250,000 followers whose audience engagement in our experience rests somewhere between 3-7%. According to The Real Times Report, “Power-Middle Influencers drive an average of 16x higher engagement rates than paid media and owned alternatives–and at a much lower individual cost than professional Influencers.”

But what about my advertising agency? How can Agencies leverage Influencers?

The rise of the Influencer does NOT mean you don’t need your agency nor does it mean that brands should put all their budget into Influencer marketing. Agencies should look to Influencers as partners and sources of inspiration for creativity. Vamp works with a number of agencies in Australia that are successfully leveraging the creativity of everyday Influencers.

Influencer marketing works best when in concert with the comprehensive marketing mix.
Ad, media, pr and digital agencies play an important role in managing the brand voice across all channels. 

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