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Demas Rusli

Graduate Architect / Designer, Photographer & Content creator 

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A full-time graduate architect, hobbyist photographer and content creator Demas is one busy man. A self taught photographer, inspired by others on Instagram, he inextricably links his creative eye to his study of architecture which taught him how to compose images and some serious photoshop skills. A self confessed night owl, Demas also launched with friends the Global Night Squad which organises meet ups both in Australian and overseas to bring together like photographers of all skill sets to learn from one another and create great content. Vamp caught up with Demas to hear a little more about how he decides which photography equipment to use and his process when taking a Vamp campaign image.

Describe your photography style in 3 words

Geometrical, human-scale, action.

How do you feel your work as an architect has filtered into your work as an Instagram content creator? And vice versa?

Architecture school has taught me how to compose images and develop my eye for what graphically looks good. After many all-nighters, it has also taught me how to use Adobe Photoshop quite efficiently as well. I think both architecture and creating content for Instagram sort of goes hand-in-hand as they are both challenging your creativity in different ways.

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What do you feel makes a successful photograph?

Someone who is always wanting to learn and constantly striving to improve their work. The best way to do this in my opinion is to meet and collaborate with other photographers who are able to teach you new ways to create or edit images. Also, don’t take things too seriously, just experiment and have fun with it!

How long does it take you to create a photo from start to final production?

Depending on the complexity of the image I’m trying to achieve, it can range from about 10 minutes to about an hour of editing (not including going out and shooting the image/s).

“I love exploring familiar and unfamiliar locations and trying to portray these places in a way that no one has seen before. I’ve been taking photos for about four years now, just teaching myself and getting inspired by other photographers on Instagram.”


Walk us through the creation process for your picture for the Samsung campaign photo (shown as article hero image)

Before going out and shooting the product I always research first (either on the internet or on Instagram) to give myself some ideas of what I want to achieve. As an example, before I created the image of the train coming out of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, I was looking at a lot of those phone images that people edit and post on Instagram that have things shooting out of the screen or the ones that line up the background perfectly with what’s on the screen. Once I have an idea, I walk around and try to get inspired by my surroundings. At the time I just happened to be at a train station, and I thought that it would be perfect to use the inspirations I got on Instagram and modify it with the train passing through the screen. Once I captured the pieces that I needed to start editing, the rest was the easier bit, as I already knew what I wanted to achieve on Photoshop.’

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What is your favourite photograph of all your Instagram photos? Why? What inspired it? 

Currently it would probably be the shot of my friends standing in a row in front of the insane starry sky at Thredbo. This photo was not just about capturing the image, but the feeling I had while taking the image, seeing the stars in person was amazing, but to experience it with your best friends was even better! I guess I like it because of how simple it is and how the inspiration came from the place itself. As a photographer though I always try to better myself with every image/shoot, so if you ask me this question another time, I would probably give you a different answer!

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Vamp - Demas Rusli

Tell us about how @globalnightsquad came about and how others can get involved.

Global Night Squad started last year when my friends Gareth (@nightsnlights), Jr (@jrhigz_) and I started hosting night ‘Instameets’ around Sydney. The Instagram page @globalnightsquad is the platform we use to advertise these meets and also a place where we feature awesome night photography. These meets have been a huge success, reaching more than 230 participants at the latest Sydney meet. The whole aim of this is to take it to a global stage and be able to make connections with like-minded people from all around the world. We have started doing this by hosting one in Kuala Lumpur and Brisbane recently. Hopefully we can visit more cities soon. To get involved, just check out @globalnightsquad on Instagram and come to these meets when we come to your city!

Top hacks for photoshop

Keep your layers neat and organised (this will save you when you have way too many layers!)

Always have an idea in mind first before working in Photoshop, it will give you a sense of direction and purpose to reach the final image

I just learnt this recently, but you can actually incorporate videos in Photoshop to create some impressive cinemagraphs!


What cameras do you use and what factors do you consider when selecting which camera to shoot with?

I currently use a Sony A7ii. I switched from a Canon DSLR about 8 months ago to this Sony mirrorless camera because it was a lot more compact and lightweight, but still provides the same full-frame capabilities. I’m always on the go and trying to explore new places so a small, lighter camera was what suited me more. Another advantage of the Sony A7ii is that it has an in-built image stabilising system, which means that you can shoot at 0.5-0.8 second exposures handheld, perfect for someone like me who shoots a lot at night time!

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Vamp Collective - Demas Rusli - Sydney harbour bridge

Right now I’m…

Listening to: Kendrick Lamar – Money Trees

Eating: Oreos

Drinking: Thai Milk Tea

Wearing: A warm jacket because it’s so cold!

Watching: Game of Thrones

Reading: Basketball articles about Kevin Durant’s move to the Warriors!


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