8 questions to ask yourself before you say yes to a brief

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It can be tempting when brands are contacting you with lots of exciting opportunities to say yes to everything that comes your way but before you bite off more than you (or your followers) can chew bear in mind that best practice as a digital influencer is to be authentic maintaining a balance between paid and unpaid work.

When deciding whether you want to collaborate with brands it pays to bear in mind that you have invested a lot of time and effort in creating your Instagram aesthetic and growing your following. Building a credible reputation isn’t something that happens overnight and will require serious consideration when it comes to selecting which briefs you sign up for. We take you through some questions to ask yourself before you take on a brief and again when you are executing it.


The questions to ask yourself before you take on a brief:

  1. Would I normally use this product/brand?
  2. Would I recommend it to my closest family and friends?
  3. Does the brief ask me to do anything which might damage my own brand?
  4. Am I comfortable with each aspect of the brief requirements?
  5. Would it sit well with my aesthetic?

If you are confident that your collaboration with a brand will enhance, rather than hinder, your authenticity and the growth of your business then you can comfortably accept the requirements of a brief without damaging your creative integrity. The key is honesty – to yourself, to the brand and to your followers.


The questions to ask yourself when creating a paid post:

  1. How can I feature the product naturally and authentically both in the frame but also as part of my wider feed?
  2. Is my caption real and relatable?
  3. Am I happy for this photo to stay on my feed after the end of the campaign?

If the answer is “No” to any of the above you run the risk of your post being inauthentic to your own personal brand, which you have worked so carefully to create and maintain. It’s also beneficial for your relationship with your followers to have a good balance of paid posts and your own organic content and for each of you this balance will be different as your feed is unique. For any paid posts simply ensure that these align with your naturally occurring content, keeping within your own aesthetic.


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