5 everyday items you can use as props for your flatlay

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We’ve compiled a list of a couple of everyday products you have around that house that you can use to style your photos adding colour, texture and personality to any photo. By consistently using similar props throughout your feed you will start to build a visual brand identity. Props are a good way to bring in new themes into your images for example if you are a photographer you can start to introduce a love of tea by including brews and teapots into your photos.


Generally a household staple (or if you’re a coffee drinker that works too) a glass of tea can bring colour and warmth to an image.


An iPad or a tablet is an easy way to bring in some additional visuals into the image when displayed on the screen or to promote another channel such as your Pinterest or Blog.


Marble is a huge trend that has swept across furniture, accessories and homewares but it’s certainly not cheap so luckily there are lots of alternative marble look options available. Besides marble, there are so many different surfaces in each home like tables or bench tops. Have a play around with what’s available to you and notice the different mood they create when used as a backdrop.


From flowers to pot plants, add a little nature and colour into your images to take the indoors outdoors. For a real time and money saver consider investing in some faux flowers to create a consistent motif through your feed.


A great way to inject imagery, colour or quotes into your image! Plus don’t forget to tag the magazine to improve your chances of being regrammed.


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