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Vamp - The girls who ate the world

Ange, Vic & Stayc

Photographers, Founders & Editors of @thegirlswhoatetheworld

Vamp Collective Member

Vamp caught up with Ange, Vic & Stayc, Sydney based food lovers who fight like sisters and eat like sisters! Despite them all being from science/health backgrounds, their shared celebration of delicious food and desire to be creative found its way into the world through the creative, collaborative space that Instagram offered. They discuss taking a successful foodie photograph, challenging foods to photograph and what feelings they hope to evoke in their followers.


Tell us a bit about yourselves. 

We fight like sisters and we eat like sisters – the best (worst) part is that we’ve all gained weight steadily the past year!!

How long has @thegirlswhoatetheworld been about? Before Instagram, how did you express your creativity?

We’ve been up and running on IG since Feb ’15 but before that, we were just greedy pigs!


vampcollective - the girlswhoatetheworld 2

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What inspired you to start @thegirlswhoatetheworld?

It was a good excuse for me (Ange) to bring out the Asian tourist from within as I got more into photography and developed a hobby in embarrassing those around me.

What don’t most people know about you?

We’re all from science/health backgrounds despite venturing into a more creative field with Instagram – it goes to show that if we can do it, anyone else can!

What are your favourite editing apps?

Lightroom and of course, VSCO.

What kind of camera do you use?

Canon 5d iii

“We believe having a specific style of photo taking and editing is pretty vital – you don’t want to follow the trends but make your own.”

What is your favourite photograph of all of your Instagram photos?

Our favourite photo is a recent one of Ange in a bathtub on the rocks next to the sea.  It’s nostalgic of the laughter and the excitement of that trip, as well as the personal growth during that short week.  We hope that for most people it evokes feelings of thirst for exploration and wonderment at how diverse the world can be.

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What do you think makes a successful foodie photograph?

We believe having a specific style of photo taking and editing is pretty vital – you don’t want to follow the trends but make your own.

Top tips for an awesome food flatlay?

Definitely stand on a chair if you’re a shorty!! Haha


Top 3 most photographic foods?

Ice cream, donuts, and tarts.  Pretty much any dessert, really!

3 challenging foods to photograph?

Fried chicken, ramen, and steak – but these are so good that we’d take that challenge anyday!




vampcollective - thegirlswhoatetheworld

What is the best thing that has come about due to @thegirlswhoatetheworld?

The opportunity to travel and meet new people that have become dear friends to us.

vampcollective - samsung galaxy tab s2 campaign

Some photos by @thegirlswhoatetheworld from our recent collaboration with Samsung on the Galaxy Tablet S2 campaign. 

vampcollective - girlswhoate

Right now we’re…

Listening to: I Hate You I Love You  (Ft. Olivia O’Brien) Gnash

Eating: Healthy – we had far too much food over the summer!

Drinking: Stace is probably drinking vodka because she thinks its water.

Wearing: Anything from The Jetset Diaries

Watching: Rewatching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Reading: Harry Potter (for about the millionth time)


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