Vamp Collective x ASOS Denim

We caught up with Madeline White, Social Media Manager for @asos_au, on what makes a good influencer.
Vamp Collective - Asos Denim Campaign

As part of our ongoing collaboration with ASOS we caught up with Madeline White, Social Media Manager for @asos_au, to get the low-down on what ASOS looks for in an influencer and their favourite pictures from the recent Vamp x ASOS Denim Campaign.

What do you look for in an influencer?

Authenticity in their style and aesthetic of the feed. Someone who is fashion obsessed, but doesn’t take themselves too seriously! We love all shapes and sizes and a smily face with an interesting feed.


What makes a photo on brand for ASOS?

We are a brand who helps people look, feel and be their best, whatever their size, shape or budget. A photo that ticks any of these boxes is on brand for us!

Vamp Collective Asos Denim


What do you consider when reposting a customer’s image on Instagram?

Clean background, clear view of the product, sense of character and great style!


What is #AsSeenOnMe and why should influencers use the hashtag?

#AsSeenOnMe is an on-site gallery populated by either direct uploads or hashtags used across Instagram and Twitter. We collate fashion focused looks into the gallery and pair these looks with products from site, making the gallery shopable. It’s a way for our customers to showcase their outfits, new products and get inspiration from their peers.

Top 3 Denim Campaign favourites as voted by ASOS

Vamp - Asos Denim - winner of best image


Selected as campaign favourite by ASOS and therefore receives a special cash bonus!

Vamp - ASOS Denim

Vamp - Asos Denim

Runners up @Eugenedavidgrey and @Mypetitedilemma



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