Should you pay Influencers or just give them free products for content?

All of our influencers are established or emerging Digital Marketing professionals and we strongly believe that they should be paid for the work they are commissioned to produce. Expecting Influencers to create work that may not get paid for can be exploitative.

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At VAMP we believe that looking after the best interests of our Influencers, rather than exploiting their work, helps them to thrive as digital marketers and creates better content for our brands.

Paying Influencers for the work that they do is not only more ethical, as they deserve to be compensated for their creative efforts, but it also ensures better, more authentic content. Not to mention that it also nurtures stronger, more sustainable businesses for Influencers and it helps to develop relationships between brands, Influencers and their followers.

Why do we insist on paying our influencers?

It’s more Ethical: All of our Influencers are established or emerging Digital Marketing professionals and we strongly believe that they should be paid for the work they are commissioned to produce. Expecting Influencers to create work that may not get paid for can be exploitative.

Getting paid for doing something that you already love and believe in does not equate to a loss in integrity.

On the contrary, our hand-selected Influencers truly love the brands they work with. We just don’t believe in exploiting them for their time, care and effort.

Just look at longtime Diet Coke fan Taylor Swift whose Diet Coke commercial did not undermine her fans’ belief in her honesty or integrity. She chose to be an ambassador for Diet Coke because it is truly her drink of choice. It’s unrealistic to judge her or anyone else for expecting fair payment for the time and effort spent when they participate in create content to share their love of a brand with their fans. Fans who they have gained through months, or years, of hard work and careful nurturing. Where the problem occurs is when talent accept jobs when they really don’t believe in the product or use it themselves. 

It results in Better Content: Influencers whose creative direction is taken seriously from the get-go create higher-quality, more professional content. By organising the campaign logistics for them and investing time, care and effort into the process, we give our Influencers more time to create better content that their followers engage with well.


It builds stronger Brand-Influencer relationships: Influencers who have a positive experience in creating content for a brand are more likely to put more effort into their work. Just because an Influencer loves a brand, it doesn’t mean that it is unethical to get paid to create content for that brand. The sweet spot of Vamp’s Influencer marketing strategy is that our Influencers’ work with the brands they love and are treated like professionals.

It helps Influencers’ businesses to grow: Influencers should be given the chance to grow sustainable businesses and this largely depends on them being able to rely on being rewarded for the work they do.

VAMP offers a unique Pro-Influencer Marketing platform

VAMP is unlike other advertising platforms which act as sampling programmes for influencers to review products that they have already purchased themselves or gifted to them. Nor do we expect our Influencers to fork out cash from their own pockets to buy the products they create content for, only to end up not getting compensated for their time and effort if the brand deems it not worthy. 

A campaign with Vamp gets you the whole package; a professionally managed campaign from start to completion. We hand-select talent for brand campaigns, ensure safe and efficient product delivery to their door, monitor the campaign from start to finish and reward all of our Influencers for the work that they do.

VAMP is also unique in the way that we invest time in educating our Influencers with personalised feedback on ways that they can increase their following, their followers’ engagement and create better quality content.

In so doing, we give Influencers more time and creative energy to focus on what they do best: creating fantastic photography, building their following and strengthening their followers’ engagement with their personal brand.

People are turning to Digital Influencers more and more for product advice and recommendations, rather than average Instagram users. Helping, rather than hindering, Influencers to build a sustainable business is smart influencer marketing because they are a valuable source of knowledge to consumers.

Trust us, investing time, care and effort into the campaign process and looking after Influencers is the key to successful Influencer marketing.

Don’t take it from us, take it from our Talent. 

What’s unique about VAMP is that they simply get brands, consumers and us, the Influencers. Creative control is 100% ours, we take the reins in producing content we feel strongly about that represent our aesthetic whilst still staying true to the brand’s brief. The team are fun, hard working, efficient at everything they do – making our lives as creators as simple & enjoyable as can be. Always excited to see what the team comes up with next.

From Feiven Fan – @_theaesthetics


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